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At the Law Office of Milissa C. Barrick, P.C., we provide our clients with options for resolving their child custody case efficiently and cost effectively. In most cases, skillful negotiation will achieve most of the goals a parent may want to achieve. When more help is needed, a collaborative law approach may be in order. In some cases, where differences are significant, trial court representation may be needed.

Whatever approach will work best for you, Tyler child custody attorney Milissa Barrick can provide. Contact our East Texas law firm online, or call (903) 533-0008 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Child Custody Negotiations: Negotiated custody plans are far less costly than taking a case to court. Because parents know their children’s needs far better than a judge, a negotiated child custody agreement is more likely to be successful. Attorney Milissa Barrick is an experienced negotiator who will protect your interests while ensuring no detail is overlooked in child custody negotiations.

A Collaborative Approach: If your case would benefit from a more structured approach, attorney Barrick offers clients the option of using the collaborative law process to arrive at a child custody agreement. In the collaborative process, both parties are represented by their own lawyers, but the parties agree upon which, if any, outside resources to use. For example, rather than hiring dueling child custody evaluators or child psychologists, the parties agree to use only one and to accept the results. Collaborative divorce offers other benefits as well, which we can discuss during your free initial consultation.

Strong, Effective Courtroom Representation
Especially in contested child custody cases, it’s important that you know your rights and understand how a Texas family court judge will view your case.

In Texas, child custody is called “conservatorship.” The type of conservatorship that is ordered by the court will influence whether you pay child support and the amount you pay. There are three types of conservatorship:

  • Sole managing conservatorship (the same as sole custody): One parent makes all decisions for the child
  • Possessory conservatorship: Both parents can make decisions for the child but one parent has primary physical custody and responsibility for the child and the other has visitation
  • Joint managing conservatorship (the same as joint custody): Parents share decision making and the child spends time living with each parent.
  • Texas family law judges typically consider joint managing conservatorship to be in the best interest of the child because the children can maintain close ties with both parents. There are circumstances, however, when joint custody is not desirable.

    • Does the other parent have a problem with drugs or alcohol? Has there been a history of neglect?
    • Does the other parent have a problem with anger or suffer from a mental illness? Do you fear for your child’s safety?
    • Has the other parent prevented you from seeing your children during the separation, making excuses or scheduling them for activities during time that was supposed to be yours? Do you believe he or she will act maliciously to damage your relationship with your child?

    These are serious issues that attorney Barrick will bring up in court.

    On the other hand, there may be things in your life that your ex-spouse could use against you. Do they actually relate to your parenting ability or is she just trying to make you look bad to the judge? Was the problem in the past, no longer a part of your life? As your child custody lawyer, Ms. Barrick will help the court understand your circumstances and why your relationship with your child must be preserved.

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