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Dedicated to Helping You Resolve Disputes without the Time and Expense of Litigation

Dedicated to Helping You Resolve Disputes without the Time and Expense of Litigation

Even though your marriage has failed, you may still need to be in regular contact and communication with your ex. You may have minor children who will look to both of you for love and support. You may simply want to end your marriage without the conflict and acrimony that characterized your marriage. The collaborative process may be the best approach for you.

At the Law Office of Milissa C. Barrick, P.C., we can represent you throughout the collaborative law process, from the initial decision to end your marriage to the final agreements regarding custody, visitation, support and property matters. We act as advisors and counselors, helping you protect your interests and make informed decisions throughout the divorce process. We will always make certain that you know where you stand, and what your options are.

We understand the value of discussing your concerns with an attorney. We offer a free initial consultation so that you can identify all issues that need to be resolved, as well as the ways that we can assist you. For a free 30 minute case evaluation, contact our office online or call us at (903) 533-0008 .

Our Representation in a Collaborative Divorce Proceeding

In a collaborative divorce proceeding, you and your ex will both be represented by legal counsel, but will agree to resolve all matters without the intervention of the court. We will work closely with you, helping you identify what you really need to settle your differences. We will be your advocate in negotiations with your ex, or with opposing counsel, striving to identify and implement solutions that work for everyone, including any minor children. When appropriate, we will encourage you to work with experts, including family therapists, child psychologists or financial experts, so that you can determine the best way to resolve any disputes regarding custody, visitation, support or the division of debts and assets.

In the collaborative process, all parties, including the lawyers, agree to settle disputes cooperatively without proceedings in court. We will endeavor to do that, but will not capitulate and sacrifice your interests simply for the sake of avoiding litigation. If, however, you cannot come to an agreement and must ask the court to resolve your differences, we will be required to terminate our representation of you and you will have to retain new legal counsel.

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Our East Texas law firm offers an initial consultation at no cost to provide you with the opportunity to learn how Ms. Barrick can assist you with your family law or divorce matter. Call (903) 533-0008 to schedule a free 30 minute consultation, or you may send an e-mail. Legal help is only a click away.

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